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What about the Lamy Dialog III. ITS a better pen. At least I d rather have it.
Hey Massdrop.... Got lot's of vote over here. :D Just sayin...
Can I still get in this drop for the vanishing point ? All so $140 dollars is what they sell for, so what would I pay in the group if I able to get in on this drop. Thanks Larry
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I would Massdrop to work on getting the Pilot Vanishing point with the choice od fine, med or a broad nib down from $148. Dollars. You can get a seller in Japan and get one for $63 to $75 dollars but no choice in nibs size or color and it take a while to get to the US.
Yes you can but those nib are not 18k gold nibs they are steel, I have bout two from seller from Japan and have ask are they gold nibs and they said yes. I think they was a language problem not understanding, my question. I didn’t see the marking on the nib till later after writing with the pens for a while then I look at my other 6 VP different size nibs and saw the one I received were not. At least this is what happened to me. I look on e bay and haven’t found any just steel nibs.
I'd really like to see Massdrop try to get this one going. I'm interested in buying another VP soon.
I've owned two of the Vanishing Points over 20 years and can attest that they are excellent. The only reason I've had two is that I accidentally broke one. My when current one breaks or is lost, I will immediately replace it!
Well well. Nice to see so many votes! :D Now lets see if Massdrop opens this one up.
The Pilot Vanishing Point has been sold on here pretty regularly (think it goes for about $110-$120).
Compared to the Lamy Dialog, the VP is DEFINITELY an affordable pen.
I'm not so sure the $140 price point qualifies as "affordable."
The LAMY Dialog 3 drop got me thinking. Are there affordable retractable/capless fountain pens out there? And would they be even more affordable here on Massdrop?! :D I am sure I missed some, so please add to the list!