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Moog is cool because of the output fatness and warmth that their analog circuits can output. Other machines would have you layering compression and drive plugins to get to that sound moog gives us natively.
I’d like to see the minilogue xd on this list- I feel like there is no reason to own the minilogue when the xd is all that plus huge expansion!
The DSI Evolver was discontinued years ago.
The minitaur is more geared for bass sound creation, that's why you'll find it to be limited. Something like the Mother 32 will do better for general analog creation.
I work at a high tech music shop that sells all these synths. Honestly the new Korg Minilogue is awesome. The Moog is very limited (it's no Minimoog). Both the Microkorgs are not analog (the XL is a lot more advanced than the old model). The minilogue is a brilliant design. IMHO of course :)
Microkorgs are not analog synthesizers.