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Keep in mind that the Nvidia Shield and Shield TV 2 are going to drop in 2017. The controller looks a lot nicer and more precise.
The second generation is supposed to be 3X faster than the original, but it will still have the same chipset and amount of RAM. Also, the 16GB model won't have an SD slot, which is annoying.
However, I got an amazing deal on the original Shield TV before black Friday, which combined a Prime Credit Card discount, an additional 30% off for one of the deals of the day, and a bundle that included the version with the hard drive and a second controller. I don't know whether MD can approach the price level of that deal, but it could happen again in a year or less, or shortly before or after the Shield 2 arrives.
Looks like the massdrop website accidentally posted a link that was suppose to be deleted before posting the poll. No worries Just vote for only one of the Nvidia Shields if you vote for one.