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Seems like this massdrop / benchmade thing is never going to happen lol
940 family is not from the hunt series....
how is the bugout not higher in this vote ? it's a great everyday knife !
Right? All these other knives have been around forever and are old AF, lets get some fresh options!
I hate Benchmade. Ever since I read about Mitch Seavey who lost a finger in the Iditarod race due to a poorly designed Benchmade knife, I refuse to buy Benchmade. The company was terrible and did everything in their power to deny his claims.
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It wasn't a Benchmade. It was a Kershaw. The article about the injury is easily available to anyone motivated enough to google it before making defamatory remarks towards a company that had nothing to do with the incident.
Kershaw is crap
How close is massdrop in talking to benchmade? Any possibility of limited drops? Perhaps even re-runs of something like 710?
That's NEVER going to happen.
I don't know if people are aware or not but since there isn't a picture the gold class 62/63/67 are some of benchmade butterfly knives, or balisongs, for those of you who are interested.
Hey guys I'm pretty new to the site, how many votes does a product usually need until they do a drop?
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Good to know, I guess I'll stop waiting to see a benchmade on massdrop and just go buy one.
No. I literally just got my Benchmade rift auto in the mail about 2 hours ago and I am neither LEO or in service.
Why does this pole not include the arcane family?
I agree! Can we add the arcane to the poll?
Just add it yourselves.