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May 29, 2018
I agree. I accidentally and stupidly left a Montblanc filled with kiwa guro in my car on one of those cellphone sticker pads in the center console. i didn’t drive my car for a couple days and to my horror when I came back it looked like the pen exploded and was surely done for. I completely disassembled it, let in soak in only water for 4 hours and when I was done wiping it down it was good as new. No pen flush and no ultrasonic was needed.
The iroshizuku is nice but Kiwa Guro is the best and I’ve tried all the major brands black. It has almost never feathered or bled on any paper using a fine nib. Most papers you can even use broad inks. It’s wet, smooth, lubricating. I have kept some in a Preppy for over a year now, and I have NEVER cleaned it, as one of my many torture tests on the preppies. It starts and writes smoothly every time.
The only down side is dry times with wet pens on resistant papers. (Rhodia, optik, Tomoe) Platinum carbon black is probably my 2nd the most water resistant, meaning that it doesn’t even so much as smear when dry, but it is not nearly as well behaved on poor paper and not as smooth to write with. Noodlers X-feather is tied with regular bullettproof black for 3rd. And my new 4th is Kobe ink of Sumi as a very well behaved, smooth, gold sheening and slightly shady black for those non business times.
May 29, 2018
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