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Does anyone know if its wort spending the extra 40 euro on the 3t?
the 1+3 is currently in the lead, but does it allow for Verizon or CDMA sims?
Does somebody know what count as "enough interest"?
I wish Massdrop would sell the OnePlus 3! For people who live in Australia, it would be awesome to be able to buy the phone from a trustworthy site whilst also paying a decent price instead of risking your money on Ebay where you have to wait months for the phone to come from Hong Kong! Please Massdrop, think of the Aussies!
One plus 3 is also a greaaaat deal, the most powerfull smartphone on the market for 399$ Make a drop with it please ! =D
ZTE all the way. No compromises for a 399$ smartphone. Please make a drop with it
Just looking for a nice quality phone not too far above $200 CAD, including the Massdrop pricedrop. Please feel free to add options and give input. Thanks!