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ESEE Avispa in D2 is a solid and smooth knife. And only $35 bucks!!! I have many high end knives but seem to put my Avispa’s in rotation pretty often. I would love to see an S35VN version with TI, Micarta, or brass/copper scales and caged bearing action. Would pay $150 for it in a second.
Why isn't there at least 1 opinel they are all good knives and match the price range.
Some if these choices are definitely double the price criteria... show me a $50 Benchmade Griptilian. I’ll buy 10 of them.
I have carried the Tenacious for a long time, but the D2 addition to the OKC Rat 1 &2 really hit my pocket hard. The edge just last longer, and it is always on me. (Yes I carry multiple blades) I think many people that are voting, are not seeing the D2 version lower down in the list, which is too bad. I also love the leek for its size, blade shape and quickness, easy one hander and good steel. I would love to see a Rat1&2 in S35vn or even Maximet steel. I believe there would be a permanent indention on my person as it would never leave my side. (How about a shout out to the RATs rival, the ESEE Zancudo in D2 OR the Kizer Vanguard in VG10?)
I’m a huge fan of the D2 Avispa. I have several which are my only budget knives. They just feel right in my hand. Would be all over a S35VN and TI or Micarta scale Avispa.
Byrd raven 2 needs to be on here
Medium or Large Honeybadger?
Medium or large honey badger?
Whats with the all the dummy submissions?! If it's not within the criteria of the poll it's just a waste of t&e
Where are the steel wills? Ruike? Real steel? Bestech?
The Rat 1/2 Used to be a great deal but in this day there are such better knives under 50 bucks. Id this is purely for EDC for $20 I’d take the Kershaw Chill over most of these knives any day, even the Byrd Meadowlark. Or for like 26$ the buck vantage plain 440 steel is better than these. Or then tangram series of knives now is rocking for 35 bucks. i saw someone mention the injection that is also right up there. Same with the Ganzo pm2 style with liner lock, love it for 20. it’s all opinion I know and D2 rat sounds better but even then I’d shell out for the Byrd Raven 2 which is a great knife and I feel has better deployment than a rat 1. Different strokes for all folks. just my thoughts.
Emerson Super Commander. The Emerson Super Commander is essentially the classic Emerson Commander on steroids! It has a total overall length of 9.5 in length. You will feel like you are carrying a small, folding sword right in your pocket. The Super Commander features a beautiful recurve blade paired with our patented Emerson Wave Feature. The Award Winning Commander blade features curves that are meant to compliment the natural movement and flow of hand to hand combat.
When buying a knife don’t fuck around. You pay for what you get. This blade has gotten me out of trouble in SF, NYC, and Zambia. Most of the time it works as a bashing tool. Also when it quick releases out of your pocket it sounds like a police baton cracking open
For me the Spyderco Tenacious is the big winner. I carried it for over two years and served me well. As for RealSteel H6-S1, this also a great value folder: good blade steel, CF handle scale at one side and a sturdy framelock (with a overtravelstop and lock) at the other. It also equipped with a great deepcarry pocketclip. The RAT 1 is also a good knife but for my taste a bit to hefty and I don't like the ergonomics. I think I'm a bit spoiled with my Paramilitary 2, which is a real gem.
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Anything can hurt you if you use it wrong
Yeah, if you don't pay attention when you're closing the blade it can cut you. I don't think I ever had this issue and think it's a matter of practice, lets say muscle memory. And IMHO it shouldn't be a problem for a knife enthusiast. How I do it is quite easy, just move my thumb as close as possible towards the blade and let the non sharpened edge fell down on my finger. A other way to close it is to disengage the lock and guide's the blade with my index finger to the closed position, like closing a backlock.
The Skyline is better than the overpriced, also more than $50, griptillians people added.
Agreed, while I like and own a Mini Griptillian, it doesn't qualify for the list.
Buy the Kershaw injection for 13$ and call it good.
Can we please get a rat 2 drop?
Any chance we could get the rat1 with the d2 steel on here
Had a RAT 1, did not like it. Liner Lock broke after a few minutes of medium duty use.
It's a good knife, but the Skyline blows it away.
Kershaw Cryo G-10 is, hands-down, the best bang-for-the-buck folding EDC knife for under $50. Though the MSRP is $60, it is most commonly found around the $30 price point.
I don't have the G-10 cryo (my favorite scale material) but I don't really like my steel one. It's a cool knife, but the steel is too heavy, the grip and ergonomics are meh, and the pocket clip is too stiff. That plus the fact that I don't like the flipper or assisted opening make it basically a paperweight for me. Although G-10, fixes some of those issues, I don't think the overall knife is that great for EDC (my opinion though).
I own the resilience, it's a great knife but really long. Sharp as hell. The RAT 1 is my favorite knife to carry and I prefer it over the RAT 2 because it's a bit larger. The blades on the RAT knives stay nice and sharp. The Skyline is also an amazing knife. Small but sharp. All good choices.