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Oppo PM3 would be great - might be an ideal choice for Massdrop to make too since Oppo has discontinued them.
Don't vote for something you already know will come back around.
Come on Zack...bring us some Autuers!
Only 1 Grado option? Should put the 225e or 325e's on there
I put up the STAX SRS-3100 as an option. For anyone who wants to hear god, as Zeo said.
HD800s without question.
I am surprised there isn't anyBeyerdynamics t51p/i Masa drop yet considering the demand for great seal, comfort, lightweight and soundstage and sound. Looking forward :)
I would love to be able to get the Bose quiet comfort 35. They're amazing
I think there is some kind of group-think addiction to the HD-6XX here on Massdrop. They are fine headphones, but not the end-all they are made out to be here. It's an interesting phenomenon..
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HD650 not HD600
They are great scaling dynamic cans for low low price :) great can to get started with and add the he4xx for introduction to planars
Love that people actually voted for the HD700s, I own a pair and find them very enjoyable.
A high-value 6XX would be fantastic.
Sennheiser HD 6XX could not get into the page last time.
I have Fidelio X2 and they're amazing.
I have heard many a good thing about the X2s. But, i honestly prefer the look and coloring of the X1s by a huge margin. Anyone else feel this way?
it would be a real treat to have a Philips Fidelio X Massdrop collaboration.
Just wanted to point out that the Fidelio X2's are incredible. Just bought a pair, and I can't stop listening to them.