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Request: CAMPFIRE AUDIO - ANDROMEDA SPECIAL EDITION: GOLD I don't know if this is the right place to make a request but here it goes. This is a limited edition version of the Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM which adds two balanced drivers to deliver even more punch to the low end. I'm looking for a great set of IEMs to listen to and some reviews of the Andromeda have put the SHURE 846 to some kind of shame (which I have had my eyes on for a little while). These are currently sold out at $1299. Who knows if more will be produced, so I ask if we can get some motion on this request. Anyone interested? Here is a review:

Wow, what is with all the SE425 votes? I've had mine for 2 years and can't stand them. They are some of the least interesting IEM's Ive heard and cost way more than a ton of much better options.
I didn't hate mine, but they definitely lacked bass and felt very sterile. They had good clarity but the music didn't feel alive.
I upgraded to the SE846 and have not looked back.
people can say what they want about shure and Iem's, but I also love my se846-cl iem's, amazing anybody could trash on them, the ones that do tried or buyed fake ones, or they dont know how to use an eq, which they dont really need to sound good anyway. I would like to try some JH Audio Laylas or campfire andromeda's, those should be on top of list I would think.
K3003 for me hands down... Even with all the releases up to now, it's my fave
Hah! Why the t10? I own the RHA T20, and they're fine for £174. Now I hear that the t10 is bass heavy, so why are everyone rushing towards that one? Plus the T20 also comes with a bass filter. Personal preference? I think not. It's the monieszzz!!!!
What about shure 535, earsonics sm64, earsonics es3? Add them!
I'd marry my shure se846's if I could
Hey I've heard that the UE 900's have a problem with the detachable cable...would UE 900s be a better option?
unfortunately not, same issues with crackle and audio drops.
No way the RHA T10i are the best from that list, I had them for a while but they were a little bit to bassy. They are good, but they aren't worth the price
Yeah, I own them - quite nice, and I appreciate the durability since I'm always traveling. Apparetly the T20 and T20i are completely different monsters, but I haven't listened to them yet.
I have a pair of Shure SE 425. They're by and far the most analytical headphones/iem I've ever experienced. They're not for everyone, but I love them.
200 dollar headphones better than $800 headphones? Probably not