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I don't think anyone knows exactly what Minimalism is, but most of these pens aren't it. The Nova Aluminum, Venustas 77, Trilogypens Zero and Ensso Piuma are the only Minimalist pens on here. I don't think anyone with an average or better IQ has labelled the Metropolitan or TWSBI Eco as a "Minimalist Pen". Secondly, who would consider a $100 pen to be a beginner pen? Can we put this poll in a poll for "Worst Poll Ever"?
The TWSBI Eco is my favorite pen. I love how well it writes, and it holds so much ink! I've also got the rose gold version of the Nemosine Singularity, and I like that one as well.
I like the Nova pen's design
I have the Venvstas Alpha, I think is the best compact FP I ever seen or had, I'm considering in going for a 78 as an EDC or maybe go for a piston one like the Magna.
I bought the Lamy Rose Gold pen offered here and wow, I love it! Smooth and Beautiful! This came with its own metal tube carrying case
I'd submit the Lamy Studio, serious quality and with a steel nib option it meets the under$100 criteria. Sleek lines, muted color (black or darkish blue). Understated and solid.
Venvstas CarbonT I just received this fountain pen for my birthday :) it s very light pen, all in carbon. the writing is very smoothy, and confortable (I chose a sized M nib). Go for it :) Too bad Massdrop could not submit it at the time I was looking for a fountain pen, but anyway, as I live in Paris, it is simplier to directly buy than waiting a drop that would make the pen in France, send it too Germany to finally going back to France :)
I have added the carbon T, I like way more than the 78 I see here on the pool, I would like to get one of those ! Just got to discover these from here.