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Autodromo (2011), Martenaro (2015), and Dan Henry (2015) are my favorite new-ish watch companies. Oak & Oscar seem exceptional as well, but they're out of my price range for now.
A lot of these brands are far from new. Is there an age threshold for new?
We should add Xeric watches to this. Look them up! They are truly unlike any other watch face. If you're like me and want watches that no one else has or has ever seen than this could be a watch for you. Many of the watches on massdrop are plain, boring and a dime a dozen. Look up Xeric watches!
AV8 should be another one added.
No Garmin Fenix 3 Saphire? This is the best smartwatch / activity tracker at the moment. Please add it to the poll. Thanks
This is definitely missing Halios watches as a choice. They are a great newish Microbrand that eclipses many of these homage brands.
I get that smartwatches aren't for everyone, but speaking as someone who was in on the first batch of Apple Watches: my god they're amazing. Been a year and a half and it it hasn't been off my wrist for a single day. It's kind of absurd that there's things like the Pebble on here while the most advanced timepiece in the history of the world gets left out.
Omega is amazing! I won an Invicta recently and it's been resting nicely on the wrist, but a Seamaster is a dream. Hopefully it gets voted in at some point.
Longines! …also straps/accessories.
I'm guessing a deal on a Patek Aquanaut is a bit of a reach. No?
So the heading says....."Best New Watch Brands" As you can see there are Established Watch brands listed, so the article doesn't compute......
What about Guinand? Small manufacture, great history, new ownership and I bet if we could guarantee enough buyers, something special could be created.
Panerai, IWC, B&R, Breitling?
Looking for a watch with an outer 24hr hand so I can point it at the sun and zero will point north(ish). Would be great if it also had lunar tracking.
Mechanical watchs please
My goodness, that Helgray Silverstone Green is gorgeous.
Sorry, can't afford any of these brands...
Recommend watches at least 35mm and no more then 38 mm in size?
Are we talking about new watches or new brands?
Hopefully, both.
Women's watches , please?
Add some! I'm sure you're not the only one wanting them :)
Women love all kinds of watches. Hopefully they will women's watches to the category.
only automatic please!