I've tried the QC35s and the WH1000Xm2. The QC's gave me the "air cabin" effect, whereas the Sony's did not. Furthermore, I like that Sony innovated the 1000x with additional features (eg hands free pass through, altitude adjustment) whereas Bose just added voice assistant integration (which was already in the 1000x).
Used both the Bose QC35 and the Sony WH1000XM2 for multiple days. Kept the Sony for their better look and feel. Didn't notice any difference in NC or audio quality.
I had a chance to compare Sony and Bose QC35. Noise canceling is great in both, but Sony headphones have better user experience imho.
I own both .the sony 1000mx2 are superior. Sound, function they just are im not going to rant. But the qc 2 bose are more comfy.
I personally own the qc20 IEMs. They are phenomenal. They were well worth the investment for me and have cured my insomnia. I don't have to buy sleeping meds anymore when I put in my qc20s. I personally haven't heard any of the others on this list, but the qc20 is a solid choice and well worth the investment if you have problems sleeping or focusing (with or without a sale).