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No love for the T50RPs?
I gave my M50x's away, just was not impressed. They're pretty detailed so I guess they'd be good for monitoring if I was a content producer, but because of their lack of soundstage and kinda muddy tone, for listening enjoyment or gaming they're just... not that great... Oh well, my non-audiophile friend loves them.
I own a pair of Q701's, Fidelio X2's, SHP9500's, AD700's and K550's so obviously I love open backs, but for anyone that want that open sound from a closed headphone, give the K550's a go - super underrated!
I'm looking for good closed cans that can serve both as monitors but also that i can use on my PC for music/gaming... I'm leaning towards the 770s since I hear a lot of mixed things about the M50x... from my understanding the M50x might be better as a monitor, but the 770 might be better since I love more bass in hard rock/metal.. any thoughts?
I owned the Sennheiser HD600 for many years and it is the least fatiguing and most transparent HP in that price range following my experience so far. It's open design enables it to be really transparent. I was trying a self invented mod, using 'butylkautschuk', a self vulcanizing rubber, to dampen the plastic frame a tad. The result was really amazing. It got a calmness which I would call 'black as hell'. I really loved them, though I sold em because I wanted an Ultrasone Edition 8.
So much for audiophile community >w< , picking the M50s , gg.
Fidelio X2 is the shit.
its awesome.
I've read many glowing reviews of the Fidelio X2 and would love to see a deal on these. These are said to be something really special, balanced with excellent clarity and solid bass.
I've had the M50x and find them to be over hyped, I returned then after 10 days. Got the DT-770 (80 ohms) it was much cleaner sounding and less fatiguing then the M50x. The DT 770 sounds great and is very fun to listen too.
I also have the K712 and it's fantastic clear sound and big soundstage with bass that is just a bit past neutral, but no where near the bass impact of my DT 770. I love my K712 but when I want bass I use my DT 770.
I think the Fidelio X2 would deliver in all areas including bass more than just about any other headphone in the under $300 price bracket.
Yeah, I'm super disappointed that the M50x leads this poll. I blame it on the Beats / Monster craze. You know how it is... the celebrity-endorsed brands now set a standard for modern music, and because of that, the M50x takes the top place due to the fact that it walks on the line between a consumer- and studio-grade tuning: it has enough accuracy to provide clarity to the treble, mids, and bass because of it's W-shaped sound signature, but also has enough "fun-factor" to appeal to today's music tastes.
It's quite tragic really. I see so many of both past generations and my generation to hold the M50's as a reference-level piece of "hi-fi", but here I am, A-B comparing my M50's and my MDR-7520's and laughing at all of those self-proclaimed audiophiles who hold their M50's so dear.
Don't get me wrong, the M50's are miles ahead of Beats and Monster's over- and on-ear offerings (except for perhaps the Monster Diamond Tears and the Monster DNA On-Ears), but still just a a stone's throw into audiophile territory. Relatively speaking, it's only splashing in the puddles of the expansive audio world.
I own M50's, I like them, they're simple, relatively cheap and fairly standard. It's what I was looking for in an entry level pair of headphones. Before these I went through a dozen gamer and crapsumer grade headsets. I picked up the Antlion, these cans and a hardy appreciation for investing in good audio.
Two days ago I purchased Mayflower Electronics Version 3 modded Fostex T50RP (this stands for Tarantula, 50, reticulating python, if you were wondering :D) and I cannot wait to get ahold of a much higher quality headset than what I have now. I don't think most of those who own M50/x think that they own the best or even have something worth gloating about. Now, they should definitely not even be on this list, because the Bass is only alright. At least that i've found. it could definitely be a lot better. They aren't "audiophile" {which by the way is probably one of the most pretentious terms I've run into.) "grade", but isn't that entirely subjective anyway?