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I'm surprised that the Leatherman crunch is not higher on the list. Other than a pair of pliers I find myself looking for a set of vise grips more. If it weren't for the need to carry scissors I probably would have gotten the crunch instead of the wingman.
I've found the best multi tool is one that you will carry everyday. I personally like and carry the Leatherman wingman. It's light and has all the tools I need in a pinch. If I need more I go to the tool box and get the right tool.
I have a couple of friends that have the Leatherman wave and a large Gerber. They liked it at first but soon found the size and weight were a drag. I usually see their multi tool tossed in their tool box rather than being carried.
If I were to get another Leatherman I would get the signal. Much better choice for an EDC tool as you can use ¼ inch bits and it has fire rod.
During my time in the Army, we were required to carry a pocket knife and multi tool, so I don't necessarily value a blade on a multi-tool as much as others do. The vast majority of my unit preferred the basic 14 tool Gerber, as I do myself. I've owned probably 4 different leathermen, and about 6 different gerbers and easily prefer the classic Gerber.
My favorite is the SOG Powerassist. Light and perfect for longer trips with high quality.
I have a Leatherman Wave right now. Pretty decent. Not as good as the Leatherman Blast it replaced. But that model is gone. Had the SOG a while back, but the stupid flippy scales that cover the handles are too annoying. I liked how it looked. But the reason I carry a multitool is so that I can have a mini toolbox on my hip at all times. For work! Looks are less important than ergonomics and quality of steel. That said, Leatherman has been making a steady effort to up their game in terms of ergonomics. Meanwhile the steel is just getting crappier. I never had my leatherman tools get deformed from just trying to twist a stuck flathead or whatnot. And I'm really not that strong. (Okay I am 6 foot and 200lbs) But my current daily carry multitool has a warp to the flathead and a broken mini phillips. Might be about time to avail myself of the warranty again.
BTW the best multitool I ever had was a Crafstman. It was essentially a knockoff of whatever was the hippest Leatherman at the time. But it had better quality steel, better machining on the parts that needed it. And the knife on that thing had such an edge! If you had good eyesight (or a macro lens) you could see that it was done the right way, with a steep edge, and a shallower edge. So it held it's edge quite long. Too bad I lost it camping in Mendocino National Park!
Why are iems listed as multitools? Shure best multitool brand hands down.
because marijuana is legal in 2/3rds of the country now.
I've been using the leatherman Sidekick with the saw replaced for a Widgy Pico prybar.
The wave can really bite if it slips while using the pliers.
I have had the micra for at least 15 years. It's still hangs on my key chain in my pocket. I properly use it a lot. I also have a plier leatherman. I've never broken them because, I use the proper tool for the job. My Father always taught me to never force anything. As a female, I've learned that If you lack muscle, there's alway ingenuity, and the right tool for the job. Finesse!
The Gerber Center drive tool is far and away the closest to a real toolset. The center drive accepts standard driver bits and even 1/4" sockets.
I encourage everyone to check out the Swiss Tool in a store. The opening and locking action are incredibly smooth and the lock has a nice click to it. I've had a leatherman in the past, and it was very good for its price. However, for straight quality the Victorinox is better. So I guess it depends on how much you feel like spending on a multitool.
I own a Swiss tool and many leathermans and I agree that the swisstools have a slight edge when it comes to quality and fit and finish. However, I much prefer the leather man design with the true needle nose pliers and the interchangable screwdriver bits. The blunt pliers on the Swiss just don’t suit my needs as well. To each their own I suppose.
SOG Powerlock of some flavor. The mechanical advantage of the pliers (the power part) and that all the tools lock out is a huge win. I've tried many, it's what I own now. Plus, you can swap tools out.
So long as they don't have those dumb clip on scales. With them it's impossible to one hand open. Without them the ergonomics are brutal.
I can live with them, but I can understand why you feel that way.