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Save your money for what really counts! High-end cast iron is a gimmick. You can make them prettier, but they don’t function any better than the ones grandma used. Go to Amazon, read the reviews.
from my understanding:
Stargazer has the "best" surface, a little tougher to season due to smoothness, and is heavier so can "hold" more heat. It also have a real "cool touch" handle, and the curved edge does make it easier to pour. Finex: just very expensive pretty looking cast iron, cant say much more about its "functions" as it seems to be just a pretty shape with a machined cooking flat surface, while many competitors have a full machined surface including the flares. the handle is pretty, but does get hot and hard to maintain in the long run from what other owners are saying. The shape offers multi pouring angles, but the handle is smooth and round so I do not know how well those go together. If you need to make a statement in your kitchen arsenal, this might just be the best. Field: very light very smooth and very easy to use, basically mocking or copying vintage skillets at a higher price than buying a vintage, overall a good pan. others: Pretty much all offer the same thing, smooth, machined cooking surface of different levels. It does not seem to have any "cool touch" handle features so be careful, but their short handles allow them to fit in a oven easier.

Lodge: cheap. so its the best because it can do everything else the more expensive option can do... I have one already and took the time to sand down the cooking surface, so I will never replace it.
That's all folks.
What make them the best would be helpful.
There are many videos about this pan. First and most importantly, the pan is cast iron. All cast iron pans have a rough interior because sand is used as a mold when the iron is poured in the sand texture is rough. What stargazer does is jig the pans into a lathe and trim off the roughness in the cooking arrange, and they sand it smooth. They also turn the bottom of the pan so it's completely flat. It's an amazing pan..