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Isn't it spelled Toyooka Craft as is listed on their page?
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Not sure. It is a pretty neat looking case though. I'd purchase one if the price was right.
I think it's set at JPY43,200 for 100 one and JPY21,600 for 40 one with tempered glass top. The price could be cheaper if there's a drop. Much better than the WOLF, Agresti, Montblanc, Elie bleu and Omas cases I have. And can even store Namiki Emperors with ease. The manufacturer understands English and accpet oversea orders but I don't know if they accpet bulk orders. Laser engraver is also available in their factory to add customized logos. Solid Alder pen case. Hand made in Japan. I've bought more than 40 pen cases in the past and that includes almost any major or ‘exotic’ brand that makes large pen cases. Toyoka Craft is surely one of the best in quality. And definitely the cheapest among those. Attached is my customized 197 pen case by Toyoka Craft.
You have some gorgeous writing instruments! How long have you been a collector?