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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Bexley Imperial Fountain Pen Massdrop Exclusive available.

JonasDrop Buyer

Bexley Imperial Fountain Pen Massdrop Exclusive

Bexley Imperial Fountain Pen Massdrop Exclusive

I was really hoping that the Intrepid would make it for this drop as I already have a prototype Imperial in the colorful Fourth of July! resin on the way - bought from Howard Levy's very own eBay store, of course. And if I recalled correctly the Purple Haze was also one of the Imperial offerings then.
And the price offered for this drop (at its lowest) is nearly double what I paid for my Imperial minus shipping.
I'm afraid I would have to give this drop a pass.
Damnit. I could afford the Intrepid (but barely) but the Imperial is out of my price range.
Hey everyone -- Last day of voting! The Imperial has a lead but is within range if any Intrepid fans wanted to make a push for it. Thanks for voting, we'll have more news after the polls close.
yay imperial
The Poseidon Magnum is a shorter pen than the Magnum II and is a C/C where the Magnum II is a piston.
I think we need another vote about the nib options, then this would be perfect...
Colours, black or clear demonstrator would be my preference. Thanks
Are any of these piston fillers?
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Hey @jlamb -- ALL of these pens will be converter/cartridge compatible, not piston-fillers.
The Poseidon Magnum II has been made as a piston-filler that retails for $259, but this one is not.
My understanding of the difference between the Poseidon Magnum and the Poseidon Magnum II is that the first was a C/C filler and the second a Piston. Other than that and the accompanying feed differences they are the same, I believe.
Is it possible that there's been a miscommunication and you are actually offering a regular Poseidon Magnum? Not a big deal either way, but it might matter to some people. Cheers!
Are designs that are no longer in production, like the Americana or Sleeve-filler, eligible? Those are two of my favorite Bexley models.
Hey @otma1918 -- America the Beautiful is close to the Americana's shape, but this one has a converter fill instead of internal piston, a different clip, and different rings of trim on the cap.
These six models are all of the choices offered to the community for this custom project.
This is a great idea. Can't wait to see what we come up with!
Poseidon getting no love. :(
Check out ebay. There are a ton of the piston filler version on there from Bexley. Limited colors, and you can snag one for about $100. I bought two and love them.
I actually like the pure black Imperial.
Hey @Gordon-- I can ask if it's possible to add Black as a color if you would like. Anyone else?
I have all of these models except the Stalwart. The 58 is my favorite, because of these pens it's large size offers a different look in even common materials. It's big, but lightweight. And it's a size that is very rarely seen in pens anywhere close to its price range. The Imperial is also nice, being the same style and size of the well known and very expensive Japanese ebonite urushi models.
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Hey @MyMothersDaughter,
The photo above appears cut off, but expands to a full size detail shot if you click on it. Does that answer your request, or were you looking for a particular angle / perspective shot?
Yes it helps. I was looking at it on my phone before.
Hi everyone -- Thanks for participating, here's a bit more info:
MSRP of each model is shown as a reference point to inform voting. We will work with Bexley to make the best price available, which will depend on the total size of our group's expected order.
And please don't forget to vote for your favorite colors of resin as well:
To get a sense of the relative sizes and shapes, the pens are shown together. From back to front, they are: Stalwart, Poseidon Magnum II, America the Beautiful, Imperial, Intrepid, Model 58