I'm Looking For the best pair of Closed back around/over ear bluetooth Headphones under £150
same here
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The Sony 770BTs and Vmoda Crossfades are - without a doubt - the better sounding headphones while in bluetooth mode. The Momentums were good, but bit flat sounding over bluetooth imo.
I tried the wired Bose Quiet Comfort 25s, and returned them after 2 days. Two. Days. Could not get them back into the box fast enough. I can't fathom how the wireless version could possibly offer any improvements on sound quality.
The Crossfades are my daily driver at work and during my commute, and it's flexibility in wired and wireless modes are outstanding. So is the sound quality.
I'm curious as to why you were so turned-off from the QC's, cause I've been using a pair for over a year now since my Momentums were stolen and I think they sound just fine. If anything, my only gripes about the QC's in comparison to the Momentums is that they are lacking in detail and the bass isn't as tight, but it still has an enjoyable sound signature, not to mention the noise cancelling is fantastic and worth it's own merit. But again, these are my opinions and I wanna hear your full take on these headphones.
so... we cleared 200 right, am I missing something here, or is this the beginning of the waiting game?
the Sony MDRXB950BT are such awesome headphones, i already own them but more people should be able to get them
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I have a pair of those Bose headphones, and they sound like TRASH. Go for the Sony ZX770BT, much better choice. Beats are out of the question. I can't even believe they are in this poll at all, yet alone currently in 2nd place.
That's only for the noise cancelling Bose headphones the non noise canceling can outperform beats at a third of the price
Do you realize Bose and beats cost the same its just that Bose has way better technology and sound that comes out of the speakers inside the headphones
Anyone who chooses Beats over Bose needs to rethink their strategy.
Bose are the original overpriced headphones.