Nobody expected the pandas
There needs to be a drop on the Dolby Dimension Headphones they are the only ones suitable for home theatre headphones hard to get hold of etc..
I have Bose QC 25 and can recommend them. The 35's are almost the same. I have heard good things about the high end Sony headphones. Go with whichever is cheaper.
Sony XM3, better sound quality than Bose, better noise cancelling than Bose. It's a no-brainer.
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Where is the Sony WH1000XM3?
I had the Bose and returned them. I now have the sonys and my only complaint is that the mic sucks. If you use these fir audio only they are great. If you plan to use them in an office for music and to take conference calls get something else. The mic picks up a ton of background
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Sweet thanks for the reply
My experience exactly. To be fair, I didn't order them for the mic - but if they worked better, these would be perfect headphones.
I had Bose QC 35’s but use my QC30’s way more. In ear wireless, noise cancelling and battery for days. What more could you ask fo?
LDAC alone makes the Sonys a better choice. Hell the newest QC35 don't even support aptX which has me scratching my head. USB C charging, aptx, LDAC, noise cancelling that is subjectively better than the Bose I have heard, pressure adjustment when flying, comfort (!). So many people are so sold on Bose that they don't realize they can get the same NC experience and better sound quality at the same price (or slightly less if choosing the XM2). The 1000XM3s are easily the best audio purchase I've made this year among headphones, IEMs, and Bluetooth stuff. The ES100 is up there also. And to be fair, Bose does noise cancelling right but the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired in my book
Thanks for that.. I’ll look into the Sonys. My QC30’s are about to be returned to Bose because of the rubber peeling anyways (for the 4th time!).
Wh 1000x is only good if you use all the features but if you don't care about about touch gestures then cc 35 is better
the Audeze Mobius does not have active noise cancelling.
What, no Parrot Zik3 love? I really enjoy the pair I have.
Zik 3's leather peels off fast..
The Sony WH1000XM2 has Hi-Res audio which is good, tho it's not as comfortable IMHO
Make a drop from this poll !!!