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UE Boom 2 is fantastic. Have it now and a Bose Soundlink Mini. Boom is louder without becoming distorted. Also projects sound in all directions, while Bose is directional. UE also has double the battery life of the Bose, app based control (including remote power on), call audio support, waterproofing and now supports activated Siri/Google Now voice assistants just by pressing a button on the speaker. So kinda like the Amazon Echo. Their customer service is fantastic as well. Currently one the best reviewed Bluetooth speakers out.
I've listened to quite a few of these and depending on if you want features or quality sound, one tends to shine. While to ue boom speakers have some nice features, their sound is pretty garbage. If you care about sound (and realizing that this is still a Bluetooth speaker) I'd go with the Bose sound link or the jbl flip3. I personally feel that the ue stuff is overrated and over priced.
UE boom is awesome. Big hit while on vacation with friends. Just wondering if I pair this with a portable amplifier .. would the sound qualify improve?
If you pair a portable amp with the speaker it's unlikely to sound better, louder yes but the UE speakers have tweeters and you might brake the speaker. If you want something loud and good quality you'd be best getting an actual amp, but i think that's overkill.
I added the megaboom, it's like the boom but bigger and badder.
Also the megaboom is waterproof, unlike the regular boom which is only water resistant.
The only thing is that the Megaboom's main competitor is the JBL Xtreme. Retail the prices are identical, yes the Xtreme may only be water resistant but the sound quality especially on the low end is personally a better option, compared the the boom. You might say that the boom has 360 sound, but with most JBL speakers you can connect two together, and if t you place them back to back its even better.