How Do Polls Work?

Vote for your favorite products in an existing poll or create a new one. We’ll make the most popular products available on the site in limited-time events called “product runs.”

In this particular poll, let's restrict it to just Meeple Realty inserts. The most obvious likelihood is that it would make better business sense for a vendor like MR or Daedalus Productions (as recommended by one of the pollsters) to offer several different models for sale on MD at a decent discount. If we muddy the waters by crossing into other vendors, it could make it harder to make a deal. Please do start one for the other vendors like Broken or Daedalus, (I think I started a Broken Token one too a few months ago that could be close to the threshold). Glad you're interested, just want to keep the ship moving forward.
Love, love, love custom board game inserts!!! Let's get as many drops for these as we can going -- Broken Token, Meeple Realty, etc. :)
I have three different inserts from Meeple Realty. They are well constructed and at a good price point from the get go. Additionally, the management team is very responsive to customer concerns and requests - I saw a suggestion from the BGG forums on a purchased item that could be improved, and MR responded and updated their insert to accommodate the logical request. On my order, one of the pieces failed to laser out a slot. The MR people were on the ball and shipped me a replacement the morning after.