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The Iron Rangers are great, but they're not that amazing. They're a really well made boot, like the ones on this list. Probably the biggest turnoff for me is their really awkward profile.
Just bought some Red Wing Iron Rangers from a Red Wing store. I’m size ten sneakers and these are size 8.5. Break in period is hard and long for these but totally worth it. They are my favorite shoes now. Problem with getting them online is you don’t get the lifetime oils, polishes, and lace replacements.

Thorogoods. Hands down
Pretty new to this dropthing... how many votes till it eventually gets produced?
This is just a community poll started by a member for funsies. Although they're sometimes taken into account by Massdrop employees to gauge interest in potential drops, they're usually just items that are to be purchased elsewhere.
I like most of these options; here's hoping we can get 2E/3E widths.
Blarneystone Thursday Boot Co. Fellas you can find sales on Red Wings anytime. Thursday Boot Co. rarely does so vote for these.
Thursday quality is sooo bad
Unless you talking Vanguards...thats a big no thanks for me. An american made masterpiece from truman or nicks vs cheap mexican? its not even a contest.