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Yeah I couldn’t vote for any of the options here. The new Sony wh1000mk3 is the new king of active noise canceling. And outclasses every other option on this list in most or all other areas. So for me this poll is kinda pointless without the wh1000mk3/wh1000mk3s
any chance for this drop? more than 2500 votes
yea nothing is going to happen after 4k votes, right?
I have the QC35s and I don't care what anybody says to the contrary, they're great and I like 'em!
Get the the grey ones, they're the more ADULT version ;- )
With over 2k votes and no drop it seems it isn't going to happen.
Im just posting this comment so we get some attention because i really want this drop.
Big fan of the QC35s. They're my go-to at work. Noise-cancelling is great for an open-layout office and they're comfortable enough to wear all day. As far a wireless cans go, these are great, but still leave a lot to be desired sound-wise.
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They do, but it's a 2.5mm port. The aux cable they ship with is pretty terrible too, so I'd recommend picking up a different one if you were to go that route.
Used these for at least 6 months. I have a bose AE head set. My opinion is you get the most for your money. The Sound Sport sounds good. Sounds rich and satisfying. They fit nicely and have never had them fall out during a work out. As for any connected ear buds, the connecting wire that runs from one earphone to the other, can be a little annoying. But there's no way around this, until the technology is developed and becomes reliable. Many claim, to have this, but most fall short and are very disappointing. I have not regretted buying these.
Duplicated in the list ? are Bose QC35 and QuietComfort 35 same headphone ?
How do I vote for NONE?
I don't know...
lol that one miguel bose album
Can they finally create a drop with the Bose QC 35. I wanna get these
Can someone explain to me, are we voting to try and hopefully get a sweet deal on one of these products or is it just a discussion on which is better?
The site says: "If a product gets enough interest, we'll contact the vendor to try and offer it as a drop"
Oi but why isn't miguel at the top of this list lads?