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Drops Skylight series keycaps are the ones used in these keyboards, cost $45 and come in different colorways.
Def want the keycaps, hopefully not overpriced as the barebones of most of these keyboards take out like $40-$50, making their estimate for keycaps + switches $20-$25 each. If they made them more expensive than that then let's riot for the barebones edition of the keyboard to be cheaper! But for real if they were less than $40 I wouldnt feel too bad..
Hi all, I'm making this poll for the Drop's CTRL, ALT, SHFT keycaps, NOT keyboard, KEYCAPS. I made a comment a few months back begging to have these keycaps sold individually (blob: but after all this time still nothing. Except for a noticeable amount of people liking my comment so I figured why not make a poll about it and see what happens. I do not own any of the Drop's keyboards but I have a friend that owns the CTRL and ALT. That's where I got a feel for the keycaps. I've been wanting them ever since then and here I am today with this poll. Praying to the keyboard gods rn for this poll to get some attention... Cheers!