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Dutchware is good stuff. I just added Grand Trunk to the mix.
For those who don't know Grand Trunk, their warranty covers normal wear-and-tear. That's worth a lot if you're getting ultralight gear which can more easily tear or succumb to unintentional abrasion.
Don't give in to the big name ENO. Someone add Dutchwear Gear new Chameleon.
Warbonnet xlc is the way to go!
I just added two Hammocks from Dream Hammock. The Sparrow and the Thunderbird. Both are worth a look and a nap.
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Dutch hammocks are amazing. Chameleon is his newest and completely universal with it's attachment options.
Dutch makes top notch gear. I've never tried his hammocks, but have a ton of his other ingenious and weight saving products.
I would love to try the Warbonnet Ridge Runner if it was offered on MassDrop. Anybody have one or used one before? They say it is a flat type hammock and more comfortable.
Some people do really like the hammocks with the spreader bars.. . the Warbonnets are very popular. Clark makes some also.
I have a Hatteras Hammock with spreaders (backyard not backpacking). I like it fine. Sleeps well. Might be a little more supportive and doesn't have that wrap-up around you feel of a traditional hammock (also some hammocks such as the Hennessy have side tie-outs that can be used to make it feel wider).
I love my WarBonnet Black Bird XLC.
anybody know the weight of the eagle nest outfitters double nest hammock?
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Just because something is "made for" backpacking doesnt mean that there aren't things that do that task better. And lighter.
If the day ever comes and you sleep in a top quality hammock you will retire your ENO. They are good but it's like apples to oranges honestly.