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I have to say, this poll aged very well. @Tyler
So is this actually going to happen ?
Probably not. People don't really need this sort of thing.
"Everyday carry" :P
Should have the canister on the wearer's left side only so you can shoulder and fire a rifle without interfering with the mask.
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The military as a whole, has 26% more left handed shooters than the general public.
thanks for the stats. and *cough* except for the marine corps.
@Tyler any chance on getting this one going?
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Just gonna leave this here for light reading:
but why...
But why... what?
Just a note, for the folks that chose the Survivair.
The MSA Millenium is actually the gold standard in respirators.
Little do people know, but a lot of gov't organizations/forces/agencies (federal, state, county, local) are required stick with a vendor for only x amount of years before they move onto another vendor via competitive bid. The bidding process is relatively convoluted and will not yield the best performing choice over the best value. The Survivair Opti-Fit might seem like the best one due to it's popularity, but after trying both (and then some) I went w/ the MSA Millennium.
While the Honeywell Survivair Opti-Fit will do everything the Millenium will do, there are a couple of caveats such as total visibility to the user, the window is one piece, meaning there is no separate polycarbonate ballistic face shield to protect your eyes from flying objects or blunt force that the MSA Millennium has available. Not all models come w/ a drink tube like the Millennium for you to hook up a hydration pack or canteen (I can't imagine anything cramping your style more than having to get your grape drank while exposing yourself to tear gas, chemical vapors, radiological, or biological agents).
So when you make your choice make sure you are choosing for *your* needs not some marketing fluff or because some gov't agency recommended one on contract.
First, thanks a ton for the explanation. It's helpful to newbies like myself.
Just one question: Does the Millennium accept NATO filters, or does it use a proprietary one?
Most of the high quality available masks use NATO 40mm filters or have adapters for them. Even the current 3M 7800 series full face mask supports them. There are different models that are currently available w/ the military that don't but, 40mm is a world standard. The Avon FM50 uses a proprietary bayonet design that gives some really good positive locking, but it's not common so price vs protection isn't quite there. Avon, however, does have some really nice combo PAPR setups though, and they do use NATO 40mm, but the FM50, currently, does not.
40mm setups still reign supreme in most rapid response kits for first responders. However, in clinical settings, you'll likely see more 3M bayonet system stuff. But the best bet is to get what you will be planning to use the mask for. What threats are you planning to defend against, and what filters will be available to you afterward?
Like defending against fall out? need to consider carrying extra clothes, getting to your car, water and soap to wash, ditching a vehicle. If walking home, consider having tape and filtration gear to clean your home.
Are you a press reporting covering protests?
Self Supported relief effort to ebola stricken congo?
Pick the best for your situation, survive, and then thrive.