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PS4 [Pro] or Xbox One [X] are easily the winners. It just depends on where your friends are. The Switch is a very fun console to play and I have mine on my backpack all the time and it's easily the second most played of my consoles. The only reason why the switch doesn't go over the PS4/Xbox is the catalog. It's very hard to fight against the solid catalog they have. Unless you're a hardcore fan of some of the Nintendo exclusive series.
Votes speak for themselves, the Switch dominates over ps4 and xbone.
I’s Like to point out the “The 3DS” and “The New 3DS” are totally different platforms that play different games. The New 3DS is newer and reverse compatible but if you want to play games like Xenoblade then you need it. It also tries to track your face somehow, so the 3D effect is more stable.
Anyway, I am disappointed by the 2DS in a big way. No titles really required depth cues and so, like real life, the 3D feel just sort of goes into the background and you stop noticing it most of the time. Before many archetype games could be made that required or benefitted from these cues Nintendo announced the 2DS and no more games made use of depth cues to play. I feel they shot a good thing in the knee before it even got off the ground. Still a fun console though just the 3D part wasn’t what it could have been.
I liked my votes...
I liked what I voted for...
Seriously folks why do you add shit like Vive VR headsets to a Console poll?
Yeah, a Nintendo Switch drop would be amazing! If Massdrop could get some sponsor spots to feature it and publicize it really well then it could drive a lot of new users to the site.
Yo I bought a Nintendo switch a while ago, probably 6-12 months ago. Seamed like a good idea at the time but now I need the money for other things so if you want you can have it for $400 it has a tempered glass screen protector already installed and has a couple of games on it already (nothing special just stuff like that)
Check you price maybe (just a suggestion). A Switch brand new bundled with Mario Kart 8 is $299
I'm new here guys and still figuring stuff out so go easy on me. But do all drops on this site result in a discounted price of the product? Like if this Switch drop happens will it be less than that of the usual $300 price tag?
Yes it is pretty much always below the MSRP, which in the case of the Switch, it's $299. But let's say a headphone, it's MSRP is $199 but it's for sale for a long time and no one buys it at amazon, over there the price is $134, and a drop happens on Massdrop. The value will probably be closer to the $199 rather than the $134, and because it's so much cheaper than the MSRP, the drop becomes useless.
Why is no one voting for the Potato? It should be top voted
you've got my vote
im suprised theres not that many build your own pc votes
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So one eye can see 30 fps. Do console gamers game with one eye while PC gamers play with two eyes?
when is the drop will happen
When hell freezes over you will see a Nintendo switch drop. I bet you could do xboxs that no one really cares about or wants all day long though.
Hoping this drop happens so bad
Write in vote: Atari 2600
I just did that :P
whens the drop
Lol poor NIntendo 2DS with one vote
I have a 2ds (the not-new kind). I wouldn't vote for it. Friend gave it for almost free since she didn't want it anymore and I wanted to use it to play lots of zelda games (I only got into the series in late 2016 and have never had a portable console before). Maybe it's just antiquated tech but it feels kinda crappy. On the other hand, A Link Between Worlds has been loads of fun.
so when does the switch drop come out?
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Well, that's not entirely true. They do something called profit maximization. There is a perfect "vallue" where the profit for them is the highest. You need to find that point and set your price to that in order to maximize your profit.
Someone paid attention in business class, He's right though.