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I have the FiiO X1 and it's certainly fine but the UI isn't great and the scroll wheel is a pain in the ass. I've had mine for just over a year and I've roughed it up a little bit (dropped it a few times) with no problems but I still wish I gotten a different unit. I just ordered the Shanling M2 Digital Audio Player just because it has Bluetooth without really comparing the stats.
Pioneer 300k 219.99 - 399.00 , best I’ve seen besides A&K mk2 at half price. I’m willing to wait an extra week for that discount for literally the same Product shipped straight from China versus shipped to amazoN first.
Any chance the enthusiast community could ever get SanDisk to re-make the clip+ or zip? I miss mine, and every one I've tried to get used has only lasted a couple months.
Heh. I totally agree.
I bought 6 clip+ when they could still be had for ~$40 new. I have one left in the box that I just retrieved from one of the kids that I had given her years ago and she never used. . Rotate 2 clips with a zip for knockaround players. They are awesome little players, especially with rockbox. Best bargain in audio I've ever purchased.
I was considering joining the Xduuo x2 drop, but after reading reviews I think the Fiio x1 would be a better investment. Lets get this drop started!
Dont buy Fiio X1 or any other FiiO DAP with mechanical scroll whell. Just google about X1s scroll wheel problems and you will understand why.