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Holy crap the matcha is my ideal for my 60% please make this happen!!!
this set would look so great on my Vortex Core ^^
lovely colors! unfortunately i don't care for dsa's… i'd vote (and probably join a drop depending on pricing) for a sa or dsc set.
We just need another 22 votes (200) to get MD to think about this set!
This could be a nice kit to fill the void for those that missed out on Chocolatier. :)
I need it. Pls vote for the planck kit friends!
Would there be a 7u spacebar? Asking for mx hhkb layout
The 7u spacebar is included in the tsangan kit as well as all the other mods for an hhkb layout.
HHKB has a 6u spacebar
This set is amazing! The only thing that would make it better is if you scooped all the alphas and made the homing kit bumped ;)
This set does look amazing :D Arent all dsa keycaps concave? ;)
not compared to the scooped ones! WE NEED MORE SCOOP! think deep dish ;)
This designer is amazing! I know we can make this happen. With the lack of proper keycaps on boards to wake us up. We need this and I mean come on donnnuutsssd *drools*
Yea this has to happen.