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I would avoid the 6XX for gaming at all cost. Own them, tested them for gaming, won't do it again. From Massdrop lineup the K7XX is the perfect one for gaming in my opinion. EDIT: I do also like the HE4XX for gaming.
The 6XX are actually quite bad for gaming with a lack of spatialization. People voting them just don't understand that gaming isn't the same as music listening. 58X are maybe the only sennheiser here worth a shot as they are wider. But that wouldn't be my choice. If you are gaming on PC go with Beyerdynamic. 990 are the best, 770 if you prefere closed. And they are great in any non gaming too. But that's for a "home/office" daily use. Wouldn't use any of these as EDC cans they are too bulky to use on the move, IMO.
Dt990 or shp9500 for gaming whoever says the 6xx is good for gaming is a lunatic I own all three
Aren't the shp9500's discontinued?
Yeah but you can get them on eBay for like $90 which is still a great price
While the 6XXs and other 600 series headphones are great (the only 600 series that I own are He hd600s), based on the reviews I’ve seen, I have a hard time recommending any model other than the 58Xs due to their much lower cost. What do you guys think?
i would not recommend the beyers for gaming/pleasure listening, while they DO sound great (especially cranked) they are a little too analytical to be good for pleasure listening for me, they also take alot of power to drive even at 80ohms. ive owned several and speak from experience
I would not recommend the HD58X and HD6XX for gaming due to their narrow soundstages. Although, I don't own one, I've seen the AKG K7XX recommended due to its wide soundstage and, by extension, their superior imaging.
I actually run the 6XX on a tube amp through a switch to my PC and PS4, and the soundstage for PS4 fps games has been surprisingly good. It's such an amp-dependent headphone, if you've got the setup for it, they're quite a nice all-rounder.
True, I heard tube amps expand the HD6XX's soundstage and that these cans scale pretty well.
HD 58x, and HD 600 series headphones are terrible for gaming.
I use dt990’s. They blow the 58x out of the water soundstage and imaging-wise.
Honestly for Gaming Logitech G933 Artemis are better than anything listed as they are profiled specifically for feature sets with gaming, but Sennheiser would be my second go to for the more natural sound, the main issue with open back design is the bass drop and the ambient noise from your environment, If you are using a Mechanical Keyboard with something like Cherry Blues that are loud and clicky your immersion is broken, so more a closed back design with something specifically made for gaming is better, Open back design is better for Music and Multimedia.
I would say get the AKG7XX for gaming and get reddit eq you’ll be happy as i am xD
I though the HD 6XX were not really good for gaming due to their soundstage and imaging.
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HD 6XX has very good imaging. You can definitely hear where the sound is coming from which direction, so you can still play FPS games with it without a problem even though the sound stage is so so. But comparing to DT 770 Pro and HD 58X as the title stated, HD 6XX has the best sound stage among the 3 cans.
I have 700x for gaming, and game very competitively. I tried the 58x an 6xx for gaming, they are fine, not great, but they work. Imaging is as good as anything else, its the intimate soundstage that makes them not "great" for gaming. For gaming I'd give them 7/10.