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The Massdrop O2 + SDAC or plain O2 would be a good fit.
I have both the K7xx on order as well as the fiio e10k. I will let you know how they sound together when i get them.
I have the E10K at work and I find it a bit underpowered for the HD 6XX and HE 4XX. It's adequate for the ATH M50x, though they sound better with a more powerful source. Pairing with an O2, Magni, E09K, etc. improves it dramatically.
I have an E07K with E09K at home. This combo widens the soundstage and gives much better bass extension than the E07K or E10K alone.
Looking to purchase my first Dac/Amp to drive the AKG K7XX. I am not an audiophile but would like something to enjoy both PC games as well as music (mainly rock like Lou Reed). Thank you for any recommendations/feedback.
I can`t say something about the Sennheiser GSX-1000. But the feautures sound good for Gaming. I hope someone who had listen to it can say something about the quality in comparison with others.
HardwareCanucks recently made a video about the gsx 1000. It's worth watching because he recorded the audio straight from the gsx, so if you put op your headphones you can hear for yourself how it sounds. *spoiler: it's amazing!