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It's pointless to vote for any schiit products. They have already said in the past that they won't partner with any other company- if they did, their products would cost about twice as much. It's cheaper for them to do it on their own. And with that, they pass the savings on to you. Plus you never know for sure if you'd be getting a genuine schiit dac. They could use the same parts but a cheap Chinese version. Everything schiit produces is made in America.
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What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this poll is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
lol ImADuck I think I you just misunderstood ValVadim, you responded with 10 fold the amount of rambling and there werent any insults being thrown around before then.
Please vote for the Mayflower ARC <3 It seems to be the only DAC, that have a good working mic input.
*Edit: see my second post. At this time, there is NO affordable DAC with a good working mic input.
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That review killed me. Over one hour of blah, without any mic test…
The Burson is way over the top. The Sennheiser filters the mic input – mic doesn't sound good (time code in link):

I also have to withdraw my decision about the Mayflower Arc, the mic input is also filtered and not as good as I expected (time code in link):

Unfortunately, I did not found a mic test of the Syba DAC.

Yes I know his reviews are kind of a pain to watch, since he doesn`t plan them... and I really don`t understand why he doesn`t...
I`m personally still interested in the ARC, basically for the following reasons:
I`m currently looking for a good/decent headphone DAC/AMP, which is able to drive serious headphones but also works with my Cloud Alpha (with V Moda Boom Pro Microphone) Headset for gaming. Additionally I want to be able to connect a decent set of speakers to it (which shouldn`t be hold back by the DAC). On top I want the device to switch between Headphones and Speakers automatically (ARC) or preferably by just pressing a button. To improve the sound of the microphone I`ll be using Voicemeter Banana anyway so the most important aspect to me is clean audio with very low background noise. I also want the Device to look minimalistic/stealthy (black), so most "Gamer oriented" products won`t do the job for me. Lastly I prefer one single device doin everything than a couple of different ones (minimal clutter and cable chaos).
I`m not entirely sure whether or not the ARC checks all those boxes, but I haven`t found anything better to date. What do you think? Do you know of any alternatives?
Regarding the mic quality of the ARC they stated below this video Tyler Chilton vor 7 Monaten Hey guys - Just quick note on why certain mics may sound tinny. When we designed the microphone circuit we designed it with the full vocal range, from 300hz to 16khz. What this does is pick up pretty much everything from the mic, and it's what the microphones truly sound like. Now most microphone input devices have a cut off at 8khz which removes a lot of the higher end frequencies, and some have low end boosters that make everything sound more warm. We are taking this feedback now and we will most likely be cutting off the high end from 16khz to around 10khz in later revisions of the ARC. So if this is a very important feature to you, you may want to wait until our second revision is release.
To be honest I don`t quite get it, but it might be helpfull for you.
The sennheiser would be an option for me, if it was a bit more stealthy in design and did not filter the mic as much (as you stated).