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Why are the beyerdynamic MMX 300's never listed there dt 770 with a Mic built in
I'm new to massdrop so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but if the Bose qc25 get enough votes will they still be dropped or will only the top poll of each get dropped?
I have no clue how any of those trash tier "gaming headsets" that are inferior to a 25$ pair of Superlux HD 681 in puncto soundstage, spacial awareness and detailed sound reproduction did end up on this list.
i own a $15 pair of gaming headphones which have a good mic and good spacial awareness. not the best, but i paid $15 for it, so my expectations were low when receiving them. also, their off amazon, which means i could easily return them if they were faulty
Lets all vote for HD800! ^)))
I really want the Matte Grey M50x!!
M50's always cause debate, must be a reason the M50 line hasn't dropped of the face of planet after many years.
I have M50x's, I enjoyed them as my first set of quality headphones. They do have price, quality build and portability as pros. I did enjoy the new level of detail these had, for example being able to clearly hear the buzzing of guitar amp on recordings. But I do find they can get fatiguing to listen to.
It is easy to move beyond what the M50x has to offer. Example, Phillips SHP9500 have opened my eyes/ears to open back style headphones. I am looking to ATH-MSR7's as closed back upgrade to M50x And the likes of HD-600's or ATH-A1000x for open back headphones. Dammit if those AKG's don't look tempting!!
As a newbie to the Headphone Enthusiast circles, I can see myself with multiple head phones, and the M50x's getting lower on that list. Advice from one newbie, to others. Save your money, do your research, shop wisely.
I would advise to wait for the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX if you have the patience, it is definitely worth doing :)
I figured it would only be a matter of time before I had my first set Sennheiser cans. And I was lucky enough to join the HD 6XX drop!
Can't wait for these M50xs to drop!
This is why I hate M50Xs and why I think they just need to dissapear from mass drop. You can't find any good polls that DON'T have anything gaming or M50X related. Gaming marketed headphones from typically 'gaming' companies, are more often than not, horrible.
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yeah i mean i only want them for audio mixing and that's why i voted for them, but looking at various reviews im beginning to think the beyerdynamic 770 pro would be a better choice.
I've done some research on the two and usually the 770 pro is favored for it's clarity and closer to neutral response.
Not gaming, hell no. Please. No. Stop it.
So is this going to drop anytime soon?
M50s need to drop off the face of the planet, Logitech gaming headphones, bose and the world of audio would be less ignorant. I had the M20Xs and reading up on the M50s... Monitoring would be better on M20Xs. I've also looked up a graph to see what exactly the M50Xs sound like and they're basically cleaner beats. that are 50 or 60 dollars cheaper (depends on where you go). Any headphone in the M series from ATH is meant for monitoring, they have NO sound stage. Every thing sounds like it's inside your head. The M50Xs with the sound signature I wouldn't even consider a monitor. They're over hyped like iPhones, GoPros and Honda civics.
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thats amazing! what is your opion on the dt770 pro??
I haven't owned all of these headphones, I've just done my fair share of research. I've looked at a forum that accurately describes the variants of all of the DT770s, 880s and 990s. Basically, they hype for the M50s is what the DT770s deserve. They're more pleasant, have better bass while retaining more dynamic range, better soundstage, clearer sound, more comfortable, better built and if you somehow manage to break something, Beyerdynamic sells parts for their headphones.
whiner the audio technical dropping
Any gamers here? Is anyone interested in the new Astro A40 TRs?
when would the top rated headphones get massdropped?
when would the top rated headphones get massdropped?
I would really recommend the logitech g430s, I've had them for 2-3 years and have had no problems so far
What about the V-Moda M100's? Or are those a bit too $$$?
probably a bit too much $$for me right now
but depends on how much they drop if they do
thx guys i think i might try and go with the ath-50x's
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try the beyerdynamic dt770 pro, its the lesser know, closed back one which goes for around 133 bucks!!! its better inevery way than the m50's, those are for monitering, not really for just pleasure listening.
thank you i will look into them, i have seen the beyerdynamic but the ones i have seen have been open back and i said no so maybe these will be the ones