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Always have mixed feelings about Demonstrators. A large part of what we pay for in a "nice" pen is the resin or cellulose body. When we buy the same pen in clear plastic, for the same (or higher) price, we've left a lot on the sellers table. Clear plastic pens should cost less, not the same, and definitely not more.
TWISB is the exception, obviously!
US retail msrp price dropped to $133 on jetpens. If massdrop can best that price I'm in.
For reference, while the Pilot CH 92 is $220 from licensed US retailers, you can get it for half that from a Japanese importer. eg: If MassDrop could get it for less than that, I'd definitely jump on it.
It can be had for a little over $100, sometimes even a bit under, on eBay. It definitely is fantastic value at that price. The price of TWSBI 580 plus $50 and you get a Japanese piston filler demonstrator with a gold nib. I have the TWSBI 580 AL, a great pen, but I regret getting it rather than the 92. Now I have to own both.