How Do Polls Work?

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I'm new to this how do we know when these go on sale?
They don't. These polls are usually started by people with too much time and who want to get discussion going on the internet. You could start a poll asking which model of Ferrari should be sold and people could vote on it. Doesn't mean that Ferrari is going to be interested in working with Massdrop.
Dynaudio BM series, AIR series, or LYD series and a Dynaudio 14s II or 9s subwoofer for desktop use along with a decent DAC/Pre from Benchmark or Mytek etc.
The Bose Companion 2’s are great if you like all of your bass pitches sounding the same. It compensates for having no low end by raising lower notes up to where it can play them. Low end notes just sound like the same note is repeating. They are really obviously bad. I have the JBL305 and Presonus e5’s and both are no contest winners against the Bose speakers. For what it’s worth I think the JBLs are better than the Presonus.
I own the HD6 and can say they are excellent if you can get them for a good price. They generally retail for ~1k$ CAD which is overpriced, but if you can snag them for $150-200 less they are extremely good at that price.
If you don't require bluetooth and want something more reference, then I'd look elsewhere. However, for computer speakers with a clean source for music and gaming in smaller to medium rooms they are very good. Super clear and nice imaging.. Build quality is also excellent.. they are weighty and stylish.
Lots of comments I've read online dismiss them simply due to their price, but as I mentioned, when it comes to their performance they are a great choice.
I just put the Emotiva Airmotiv 4s speakers on the list, I have the 5s version and they are astounding monitors.
I also added an Emotiva to the list. The Emotiva 6s: Double the wattage per channel for $100 extra compared to the 5s. I would love to see these on massdrop for roughly the same price as the 5s after Massdrop savings.
I have the Kanto Yu5 speakers. I would totally recommend them to anyone.,