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I have owned both a volcano classic and ariser extreme Q.. the arizer is good but it's has a cheap feel too it compared to the volcano.. also check out Magma-Industries , with this addition to the volcano..IN my opinion the volcano beats them all. yes herbalizer is amazing as well but everything for it is fairly expensive even in comparison to the volcano products.
my Volcano classic ( analog not digital ) still works perfectly 5 years later.
I can't believe no-one put up the Hebalizer!!!!! If you don't know about it the herbalizer was designed by nasa and uses a halogen light to heat from 0 to max tem in under 3 seconds. It has assited inhale, bags and even a scent defuser for auroma therapy which clears the room of any bad smells after a sessoin. The Volcano's temp is accurate to +/- 5C The Herbalizer is accurate to +/-1C so that means you can accurately extract different terpienes and chemicals which vaporize and different temperatures. It displays a cute message at every poweron which has extraction temperatures for herbs such as lavendar, tocbacco, rosemary, etc. and their respective "health benefits." (obviously most people use this for marijuana). The science behind it is really cool.
Check it out (>1min)
I would ~probably~ buy a volcano if there was a drop for one
Plan B is 100% correct. Having owned both units for years the Extreme Q is the one you want. For several reasons. The Arizer ExtremeQ is light, you can fly with it easily, cheaper but blows the same quality vapor, parts are cheaper to replace whendirty or broken. The remote is great, too. I thought it was a novelty until I realized I hardly ever touch the unit. I actually own two Arizer ExtremeQ units. Bought one and after two years bought a second just in case the first quit working. 5 years after I bought the first unit and it still works like the first day I got it. The backup sits in the box and travels with me. Most of my friends now own the Extreme Q after using mine. With that said, Storz&Bickel makes the best portable vaporizer on the market in The Mighty. It’s a jewel. Expensive but I would replace it the day it went out. It’s amazing. No one knows what it is and battery for days. The vapor production, vapor quality and vapor temperature is unmatched. Arizer Air is nice but can’t compete with tThe Mighty. Desktop Vaporizer: Arizer Extreme Q Portable Vaporizer: Storz&Bickel The Mighty
Great resource for any questions anyone may have about either unit, brand or vaporizing check out You can read for days on how pleased people have been with the Arizer Extreme Q.
I've owned both Arizers and Volcanoes and I can assure you the only real difference is the mechanism on the bag of the volcano that closes it when not in use. The Arizer in my opinion is the superior product since it's about 1/3 the price of the Volcano has great temperature control and a remote. It can be used with the fan to fill bags, or used with a whip for direct inhalation. The Arizer can also be used for potpourri and fragrance oils for a totally separate experience. Don't be fooled by the brand name of the Volcano. Their bag design is top notch and that's about it. Arizer has really raised the bar when it comes to affordable, versatile, reliable, and quality vapes.
When I bought my first one it came with a recipe and cooking guide. Never tried it but I’ll look to see if I can find it. Instead of salmon on a cedar plank you put the salmon in the bag and cedar chips in the bowl. Fill the bag with the cedar vapor to infuse your salmon with the cedar flavor. For example. That’s one recipe I remember.