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Keen for the titanium! Anyone know if we're close to a drop? (Noob soz) 👍
Just buy a Helm. Non-wrist-poking crown, and maxi dial.
I've been trying to get MD to do a 1545 drop for over a year!
Steinhart says Elaboré Premium for the movement now, which I presume is just the decorated base movement. An upgrade over the 2824, but is a downgrade from the top grade they used to have. Bummer.
Steinhart alongside Orient ray II for those of you who are interested
Thanks! I was looking for a comparison between the two. I assume this is the Steinhart 42mm version?
Yes it is
Steinhart titanium all the way, my mate has one and I'm very impressed with it. He is also in love with it
The seiko is a nice piece, but I must say, I think that I may have too many seiko watches in my collection, the steinhart, whilst mainly a homage company, have actually made a fine piece with the ocean series, and the move to is beautiful.