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For what it's worth I got a Cerium SV last year and love the thing. It is a huge and very warm jacket however, so if you intend on being out in really cold its perfect but in milder weather it's useless.
Super glad to see the Montbell on the list. Hoping we can get some more votes for the Evertherm - pretty innovative tech and the science behind it is pretty strong.
Would love this!
Surprised not to see my favorite...the Patagonia UL Down puffy. At 9.5 oz, and a lot more durable than the Anorak or GW (imo) it's great for backpacking/thru-hiking
any chance of us getting the hoodsd ghost whisperer for once ?
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Thnx !
@DannyMilks It's been a few months since the last time the Ghost Whisperer was posted. Is it expected up again soon?
Someone clearly rigged this poll to make that Arc'Teryx win. The Ghost Whisperer always wins this poll (even though the Montbells are both better on paper and in person!).
The poll doesn't specifically state a weight range, temp range, or style of jacket, so it is more open ended. You're totally right that usually the MHW Ghost Whisperer and various Montbell jackets are the highest rating when it comes to lightest weight.
That ex light down anorak tho!!!!
I don't know what Htorres1436 did to boost Arc'teryx jacket to that big a lead. Something seems fishy. That jacket is not anywhere close to ultralight. The filling isn't even exclusively down. These climaloft/primaloft/whatever in there!
Anyone who votes for the Arc'teryx Cerium SV Hoody for best ULTRALIGHT jacket is mentally insane. That thing weighs 14.6 oz!!! That is not even close to modern ultralight. The Montbell EX Light is ~6 oz. That's less than half the weight. And the Ghost Whisperer is ~8 oz, just more than half.
I just don't understand why the Ghost Whisperer beats out the Montbell Ex Light Anorak every time this poll appears! The Montbell jacket has better specs across the board for a lower MSRP. And the Ghost Whisperer is ugly with all those tiny channels while the Montbell looks nice.
Any chance that this pull becomes a drop ?