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does elgato work on xbox i
if this sale went on, lots of people would notify big youtube drift0r, he would make this very known because he is sponsored by elgato. this would get more purchases than votes, which is extremely rare in mass drop.
i need elgato !!
ive got a youtube called Y2E gaming check it out plz.
please check out my youtube channel called r2n gaming please
I've got a YouTube channel called. SCkills check it out and sub if you enjoy
when is this gonna drop
can people please check my channel out would mean alot!
Live gamer portable is good too!
Is the Elgato coming at a discounted price soon or?..... Since there has been over 1000 votes
Blah so many votes for the average and so little for the pro.
Yes the internal capture card is nicer, but it requires an open M.2 slot. mine are all covered up by graphics cards.
Is there another website which does this in gbp
Can't speak Spanish 😂
could anyone please check out my channel i upload videos in spanish
No. Don't advertise, even if how do we know your channel name? Get off massdrop
Need this for my channel :)
everyone vote i really need this
Is this going to drop?
me too
plz i need for my channle too
when will this drop?
when is the elgato going to be available
Same need for ma channel
Wtf hd60 is a 323 votes and still not active
Omg I hope this is very cheap I'm low and not having much money for extra activities so this will really help me grow on YouTube
Who wouldn't get an elgato
what about the elgato hd 60 pro ?
Many would not have the pc to drive it and portability would be a con for the pro
I need this so much plz vote for elgato
I wonder what kind of a discount we could get on capture cards?