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Posting this from my Trigger 350se. I hope this one comes through for everyone this chair is exceptional. I have spent 10+ hours a day in it for the last three months while attending school remotely. No back pain, no cramps, no complaints.
'gaming' chairs are just bucket seats which are only used in cars to keep you firm in the seat from g-forces. task chars are what you are looking for. they're designed to be sat-in for long periods of time; supporting the back and posture.
I hope the 275se drops
Now the big question for me on this is.... which one of these is best fit for a short person where my feet can actually touch the floor :P (5'4 near 150 lbs)
I really hope this drop happens, cause this is the only way I can afford the 350se, one of many chairs that I've seen in my dreams

.............. I need to get a life