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I just want a flagship headphones which is affordable.Without price,the rank or vote is useless.If I can get a hd800 under $ 900 I will purchase it without hesitate. But if the price goes up to $ 1300 maybe I will prefer stax's headphone.
Beyerdynamic T1 the first edition/generation. You can buy it for around 600 USD, even cheaper used one. I rank T1 above HD800. T1 are way better musically compared to HD800. Unless you listen to classical symphonies and need headphones to dissect the sound of a large orchestra then you can forget HD800. Also, the new Audio-Technica ADX5000 beats HD800 in sound quality.
i'll have an Orpheus for the price of a 6XX
Me too, me too.
I think that it's a touch unrealistic to assume that Sennheiser would allow Massdrop to sell it. They require sellers to sign a contract just to sell it, and rarely give it out to any seller. I would love it if I could get an 800 S for cheap, as I'm in the market for one, but they're really not that bad for used, some as low as $600.
Combine that with the fact that putting their flagship headphone on Massdrop could be seen as a "devaluation," I don't think they would put their baby on sale.
What about Oppo? Pm-3 for mobile pm-1 for home.
STAX SR-009 Electrostatic Headphone Best headphone in the World, It's compare with Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1=50k$ .
The Electrostatic headphones are the best and the End Of The Game! :)

KOSS ESP-950 is the best, especially considering its price.
What no MrSpeakers Aeon?
I don't see HD800S as an upgrade, but rather a side-step. It's a tamer variation of the HD800, so unfortunately does not scale as well with better gear.
I voted for the HD 800 because the audio chops are there, they can be used in most cases without a dedicated amp, and there is the possibility to purchase them new for under a grand. There are "better" cans on this list, but one must pay dearly to obtain them...
You know what I would like to see? A Sennheiser HD7xx drop. I know, I know, the HD700 gets pretty much universally ignored due to it's lacklustre sound quality, but I've always thought it was one part away from being a truly spectacular can. It has the transparency and clarity of the HD800, with more toned-down highs, basically a pleasant compromise between the occasionally veiled highs of the HD650 and the occasionally bright highs of the HD800. Where the HD700's sound fell off a cliff was the bass... Zero impact, less oomph than the HD600. This glaring hole in the frequency relegacted the can to the position of ignored middle child it occupies today... But an HD7xx with a bass response tweaked to HD800S levels? That could be a very interesting can... Maybe somewhere around $300-$350? Even more interesting...
WHY are people upvoting the HD800S so much? It's a marginal improvement on an older flagship that is still quite good, but certainly overshadowed by many of the newer high-end cans out there. It's kind of an embarassment of riches in the industry right now- so many excellent high-end cans... Is it because with the HD6xx, Sennheiser has proven that it will play ball, so an HD800S drop is considered a safe bet as far being offered a truly smoking deal? That's the only benefit I see, frankly. I mean how about a Focal Elear or Utopia drop? Or the MDR-Z1R? We all want the HD800S? Really? The HD800 can be easily modded to be just as good, and it's been out for almost 10 years... Frankly, if you haven't been able to find and score a deal on the HD800 over the last near-decade, you haven't been trying hard enough. Dunno if a drop should be wasted on this versus something truly special that is legitimately difficult to find a deal on... I'd be a lot more interested if it was a Senn HD8xx... Where Senn takes whatever older HD800 cans they have lying around, mods them for MD, and drops those. That at least would be unique, and perhaps even an improvement over the still somewhat bass-shy and occasionally too-bright HD800S.
Maybe it's because the 800S is in the perfect price to value category. There are more who can buy the 800S than perhaps a Focal Utopia, or an Empyrean, or the Abyss. It makes sense therefore, that more would vote for the 800S than those headphones costing 3 to 4 times its price.
Didn't realize there was a 3 vote limit until it was too late. Any way to un-cast a vote in this poll?
A bit of an odd mix, seeing as some headphones need massive amplifiers. Is it a "soon to be sold on Massdrop" or "what you think is best" kind of poll? I heard none of the headphones on the list, but I'm pretty sure Stax is the best out there, opposed to the overwhelming vote for everything Sennheiser.
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The poll says 'flagship'. I assume that includes all the caveats (like stringent amplification requirements) that top of the line headphones entail. If MD can get me a substantial chunk of change off a pair of Focal Utopias, so be it!
If the Senn 800 family's sonic profile is what you're looking for.
What? Bose QuietComfort 35s aren't even in the mix? Seriously?
if if you got Seinnheiser 800s, the QC 35s need to be there too.
I used them in the past and I've yet to find anything better for long term usage. If this is for wired only, I retract my suggestion.
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You have appealed to populism twice now to establish what you say qualifies as an audiophile headphone. Amazon Top 10 lists and Massdrop polls inform us what is popular, not what is good. All of the brands that you mention have both consumer and audiophile grade headsets except for Harmon Kardon and Bose. Does Sonos even make a headphone?
I have never run across a Bose headphone that attempted to recreate a realistic soundstage with any sort of transparency. Audiophiles are concerned with realistic sound reproduction; nothing more, nothing less.
If you are so concerned, then you wouldn't be overpaying for overpriced fluff. The human ear can hear from 20Hz to 20kHz on average.
Anything under and over is added features no one requires.
the other features such as sound stabilization, equalization, etc. all things software is designed to do, we should not pay extra for "ultra special" rare earth magnets.
How what, those in themselves are a scam. The ones they put in headsets aren't high quality.
So please, don't call yourself an audiophile when you are defending overpriced garbage.
Really low count on the Focal Elear even after all the professional reviews.
I voted for it.. if it wound up on MD I'd likely bite the bullet..
will there be any drop soon?
I really want a pair of Sennheiser 800S. I will buy if these ever come up!
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Thanks, SOME DAY :)
I wonder how low the price of the Sennheiser HD800S would be on a penny auction site. By the way, I know how those sites work. The products on there are super cheap, but you pay a lot of money for each bid. It's like you are saving a ton of money, yet at the same time your paying a ton of money, which makes those sites scams. I'm curious to know what the auction price for these headphones would be on those sites though. I would also like to know the poor ignorant suckers who are willing to bid for these headphones on those sites. I tried looking up all this information on my own time, but I can't because I need to create an account before checking. I don't want to do that.
Seriously the 812 is #1? After listening and regarding measurements they are a tad over analytic and especially the peaks in the highs annoyed me... That's why I always would choose - if i could - Stax first, more the rectangular ones, then Audeze (that's why I added them) and only as a 3rd place the Sennheisers 800S. They should be less annoying now after some changes they made.
STAX products are not supported everywhere. Don't know what country you are living in. You would be wise to look into this wherever you are. They are premium priced products but they would not be covered under warranty if you could acquire them at all. I owned STAX headphones years ago. Nothing compares. It is unfortunate that they filed for bankruptcy. A Chinese company purchased them afterwards but they have never been what they once were as a company.
Good hint! I am Germany based, so that's not an issue for me. Warranty is something to be checked at any price range, I guess. I just owned the first "in ear" version which I didn't like, but I know the big ones for many years and love them. Last time I checked a big rectangle model my result was "sounds exactly like home in the big speakers" (FR electrostatics) so I didn't have that urge to have them ;) Didn't now they went bankrupt! When did that happen? It's always the Problem what investors are after. Keep the heritage or squeeze it like a juicy orange to get all (profit) out - and then throw it away maybe...