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Now Available!

Thanks to Liz for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 - Massdrop Exclusive available.

LizDrop Buyer

Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 - Massdrop Exclusive

Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 - Massdrop Exclusive

Woo, Both won!
Will it ship to mexico?
When will this drop?
The blue-violet and ice can't be beat! I almost got a Franklin-Christopher at the DC Pen show. Now I am glad I waited.
PLEASE bring us the blue-violoet with ice finial and section! I already have a couple of ice FC pens and they are readily available directly from FC. They do not offer a blue-violet p40 though. It's beautiful in person.
Oh, I think you should beg for 2 color options. I have an ice pocket 66 (which I love!) and was intrigued with the blue-violet color. But I will definitely jump in for a blue-violet and ice if that's the way this goes. I'd even be willing to wait a little longer if it meant getting the color that makes my heart beat faster. FC pens are fabulous and they're great to deal with.
I really want the ice and smoke version (which I have added to the vote)!
Because this poll is for an exclusive color only available to Massdrop, the colors currently available from Franklin-Christoph are not options for this drop. You can get the Ice and Smoke through the Franklin-Christiph website though:
In this case, the new color of Ice and Blue Violet that was added will be a Massdrop exclusive for 6 months if it wins.
That's sad news :*(
But I do also love the ice and Blue Violet.
Can we ask for a ice and dark grey?.....
Blue violet ICe is better. But maybe yellow and ice? orange and Ice?
I have the pocket pen, not a huge fan as the ink splatters inside the cap constantly. I'd love to see the 02-Intrinsic model, in an Ice and smoke or ice and blue color!
I hope to get one each of Blue-Violet and Ice-Violet pens. If I can I would also like a White and Smoke pen as well.
The ice finish on FC pens is fantastic ... Especially if you use them as an eye dropper the ink looks great through the frosted finish.
That blue-violet and ice looks awesome!!! I have 2 Franklin-Christoph pens... Love them!!!
I have Pocket 66 and I love it. Just because they call it a "pocket" pen does not mean that it's a tiny pen. I find it to be a good size for EDC or desk use. Will this come with the standard (and incredibly lovely & practical) FC pouch?
Hey gang. We can also do a p40 in Blue Violet & Ice if that's preferred. It would be a 6 month exclusive through Massdrop and then opened for a potential regular edition later. - Scott F.

I definitely want a blue-violet p40 with Ice finial top and section. It looks amazing! I already have a model 02 and pocket 66 in ice, and I love them, but I'm looking for something new. The blue-violet pens at the DC pen show were killer.
Any word on when this might become a reality? Really love the blue-violet and ice combo.
Hi all,
All Franklin-Christoph stainless steel nib options will be available for the winning color drop: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1, and 1.4 mm Cursive Calligraphy.
Glad to see these popping up on Massdrop... I've certainly looked at them before on the FC website. I think the blue and white options are both really attractive and the fact that these can made into eyedropper is appealing as well. Will be really interested to see what the price will be.
Hi all,
Again, this custom edition drop is only for the Pocket 40, in one of these three color options. Franklin-Christoph already offers the Pocket 40 in some sweet Ice acrylic options, which you can buy through their website:
We're excited that Franklin-Christoph has agreed to this custom color project, but please note that it is limited to these choices which are intentionally very different from anything they currently offer themselves. We hope that with the success of this one custom color edition of the Pocket 40, we'll be able to do more custom projects in the future with Franklin-Christoph.
Thanks for voting!
"Thanks for voting!" You're very welcome.
Congratulations and thanks! I think it's quite an accomplishment to get FC to agree to a group buy, although they have done special colors for vendors. But ...
1) I would be interested in a Model 02 or the new Model 20 in a new and attractive color. I have one Model 40P already and don't want another. 2) I would be more interested in any of the models with a Masuyama-ground wide italic nib.
How about it?
With a clip or no?
I hope clip is an option, I would like it without clip
This is for the clip-less version.
I love that you guys are doing this and I flipped out a little when I got the email and this is just my opinion but...
...none of these colors are as attractive as the ones they already offer. Not even close.
EDIT: Can we at least get shots of them with the caps?
Custom Ice please!!!!
Any possibility of offering the 02 - Intrinsic - model? I am interested in adding a Franklin Christoph to my collection but don't really want a pocket pen.
What are the nib choices?
You will be able to choose from Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad for sure. I'll ask about any other options to be made available for the drop and let you know as soon as I find out. Note that Franklin-Christoph is currently at the DC Pen Show, so a response on nib sizes might take a little while.
We're very excited to be working with Franklin-Christoph for this custom edition Pocket 40!
The color options are limited to these three for this particular project. Thanks for participating!
second the request for ICE + exclusive color. I have an Ice-green, it's easily my favorit FP ( with the Lamy 2000)
No option for ice???