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Would hope there were two options, both the number 1 vote-getter (more of a desk pen, which I have and love) and the Model 02 Intrinsic, which I will acquire some day...would love it to be here. I do not have the SIG option yet (again, would love to acquire through this option).
For Franklin Christop fountain pens, I appreciate to have the flex nibs and SIG flex nibs included as options.
Why is there no pocket 66?
Isn't this sort of like those pointless polls where people are giving their opinions on what TWSBI pens they want to see on MD? I think Franklin Christoph does not choose to sell their mainline products on MD anymore. Success has spoiled them!
Now this is a poll I had hoped to see. I bought the F-C Pocket 40 off Massdrop about a year ago, now, actually; and I was convinced, after I spent the money, that I wasn't going to like it. But I love it, the nib performs flawlessly, the aesthetics of the pen are wonderful, and I demand that Massdrop give us another offering from the wonderful F-C pen company!
The 66 Stabilis desk pen calls to me--I'm glad it's so popular here. But I would love it if we could get it dropped in all the current color rotations. My choice would be to buy it in emerald, for example.
I've been using a Model 02 in ice/emerald for a few years now (with a Masuyama italic nib). I recently received the 65 Stabilis in black (sporting the new S.I.G. nib) as a gift and it is just as wonderful. I bet you'll also enjoy the 66 just as much : )