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Can we just get a standard gsync 27" 1440p monitor to drop? All I see are freesync monitors and ultrawides.
If you plan on gaming even quasi-competively, 24-27'' is the only way to go. At 24-27'' you've got a monitor; at 32+ you've got a TV (plus a headache, most likely).
Soooo up until this week I've owned the pg34q and it's a beautiful display. Encountered a hacker that cost me a win, punched it in the heat of the moment. straight through the screen. Biggest fuck up of my life.
I can only speak the PG348Q, in saying that it's an excellent monitor, probably the best I've ever owned. Would love to see a drop on this, I'll take another.
So any chance of these ever getting a drop?
Are mounting arms easily available for the PG348Q? The back seems to be non-standard from what I've read. Just curious...
It is a standard vesa mount 100x100. It just looks like its weird.
I've mounted one on mine on a table mounted gas arm. Think Ergotron, but cheaper. I just had to turn the tension to max on the arm.
The predator needs a drop as well as the PG348Q, we don't have many budget options as far as monitors go currently.
Why is everyone voting for the PG348Q when the x34A is the EXACT same monitor but with better build quality? Does no one do any research before voting? Or is everyone except me an ASUS fanboy
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ur just a fan boy
X34 is the best all around gaming Monitor on the market right now.
Both the Predator x34 and ROG Swift PG348Q should have drops! Fantastic monitors for gaming!
exactly xD
PG279Q is definitely best for Overwatch
Some games do not support ultra wide resolutions please keep that in mind