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I really want this set. Any canceled orders or spots that I can fill?
It has been a while since any update. We do live in difficult times right now, so fully understand any delays. How is it progressing?
Hi, sorry for the delay... the current estimate is still November 2021.
Group buy is now live! Open from November 16 to December 13, 2020. GB details:
I hope you can buy it quickly.
November 16
Thank you for your answer. I'll look forward to your wonderful work.
Is there a way I can be notified when/if this drop will happen?
Yes: either fill out the form (with contact email), subscribe to the geekack thread or join our Discord server. Cheers
6.5u spacebar row for corsair keyboards too would be amazing!
GMK doesn't make those, unfortunately. You could always use a black Corsair spacebar.
If interested by this group buy, then please also fill out this form: Thank you :)
Thanks I love it
Kits were updated, check out our geekhack IC for the latest:
Please add a red, 2u, horizontal Enter to the RGB mods kit so folks can completely replace the blue w/ red on the TKL kit (replacing Esc and Enter).
I feel like that would break the symmetry of the RGB modifiers. Other RGB/CMYK kits that I've seen don't usually include the Enter key. (You do get a grey Enter to replace the blue one.) Another reason is that we would need to add two or three more sizes to cover 40% boards (1.75u, 1.5u and 1u). I'd like to keep this kit very minimal.
I understand your logic. Thanks for taking time to reply.
Norde - kit pretty please ❤️
EU vendor is considering it. No guarantee at this time, though.
These are beautiful we need votes people!
This set is sick.