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We need some Mac Keys on this set.
Make it come pls!!!!
Round 2 Pls
Round 2
round 2 plz
round 2 please
plz do a round 2!
Make it come pls !
Have to have this colourway.
this set needs a second run
This need a V2. Best green keycap set ever. Good green is damn hard to find.
Bump. This one needs to ride again.
I want this so bad
Could you please bring this back. I want the Kobe. Thanks.
is this ever dropping
Missed the GB. Would love for Drop to pick it up.
Is there anyway I can still get this? Willing to pay for it for sure.
Hi guys It's been a while since I gave updates on this page but this Group buy is live on these different platforms : NA : EU : ASIA : EN ASIA CN : AUS :
ASIA Proxy : only ships to China. Please rename it to Chinese Proxy I am in Thailand and they only ship to China. Any idea how I can buy this kit, since its not available on massdrop?
No Gajin Kit might be a dealbreaker though :(
oh man this is a beautiful set. base kit + iso uk kit + icon modifiers and holy fudge i would be a happy lad
How can I get this
This is gorgeous! For sure would be my endgame. Basic and novelty!
The GB is not gonna be in Massdrop though,
Wow! Thanks for the heads up!
would this drop occur within Q1-2 of 2019? as far as I know jan: SA Dangerzone feb: GMK Jamon mar: Canvas apr, May: ??? jun: GMK Oblivion Secretly hoping its April/May!
Very nice schedule here. Looking forward to each and every Group Buy for 2019. MassDrop is certainly bringing in their quality gear, for those that appreciate the very best in Key-caps.
go GB pls!!
please send me notification once it goes live
Ohhh, want this one so badly. Can we have a drop already? :D
Still waiting for this beatiful kit.