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is this ever dropping
Missed the GB. Would love for Drop to pick it up.
Is there anyway I can still get this? Willing to pay for it for sure.
Hi guys It's been a while since I gave updates on this page but this Group buy is live on these different platforms : NA : EU : ASIA : EN ASIA CN : AUS :
ASIA Proxy : only ships to China. Please rename it to Chinese Proxy I am in Thailand and they only ship to China. Any idea how I can buy this kit, since its not available on massdrop?
No Gajin Kit might be a dealbreaker though :(
oh man this is a beautiful set. base kit + iso uk kit + icon modifiers and holy fudge i would be a happy lad
How can I get this
This is gorgeous! For sure would be my endgame. Basic and novelty!
The GB is not gonna be in Massdrop though,
Wow! Thanks for the heads up!
would this drop occur within Q1-2 of 2019? as far as I know jan: SA Dangerzone feb: GMK Jamon mar: Canvas apr, May: ??? jun: GMK Oblivion Secretly hoping its April/May!
Very nice schedule here. Looking forward to each and every Group Buy for 2019. MassDrop is certainly bringing in their quality gear, for those that appreciate the very best in Key-caps.
go GB pls!!
please send me notification once it goes live
Ohhh, want this one so badly. Can we have a drop already? :D
Still waiting for this beatiful kit.
A keyset with proper UK ISO. I'm in!
Instant buy
will there be a 6.25u spacebar on the gaijin/kobe kit? Similar with red samurai and laser
Normally not, you'll have to get the spacebar kit, but it's not sure yet, Im still thinking about it.
This set is dope
I NEEED this set
absolutely will be one of the 2019 favorites
Love the Ortho kit but you should add 5th row for preonic
lets vote!
Let’s share this and make it happen.
All in
I love this kit! All the novelties are awesome; the more the better! I wish the icon mods came standard in the base kit, like in the first render, but I'm guessing you changed b/c it's more popular as an add-on kit. I'm really looking forward to this!
Would it be possible to add the legends from the current carbon ergo set to your ergo set? Don’t have to worry about unmatched labels but still get some more color. I’m thinking this would looks awesome on my boardwalk/skb build
should add preonic coverage to the 40% kit as well as 2 1u r4c keys for grid layout
Love this set!
i need this too M60 SAGE