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Like another individual mentioned it's best to wait for the new generation. 1080 is 600$ and the 1070 will be about 380$. Both have insane performance increases over this generation to include the Titans. Just wait for them in the coming months
Well nuts, if anyone else has been reading about the GTX 1080 & 1070 I think its best to wait, the pascal gpus sound amazing and affordable for once!
No r9 380? I use nvidia mostly myself, but the r9 380 is an amazing for price to performance, it scales up much better than the 960 does with 4GB vram models for QHD+ and other higher than 1080 but not quite UHD resolutions. I do think nvidia is basically an evil mastermind at this point thanks to eating up all the third party technologies and making it so easy for dev/pubs to cater to pc specific high end features by throwing in gameworks instead of writing that code themselves, and at the same time all those games have terrible amd performance on launch and some still do today, but the r9 380 is still a huge step up over the 960 (and the same price bracket) once launch day issues are sorted out. power usage doesnt concern me, either of the cards would run fine in my rig with the i7-4790 and 620w m12 psu.
Just seems weird people choose the 960 to me, it's not a value contender like the 380 and 970 are. if you want nvidia, 970 or higher. amd, 380 or higher.
I made the mistake of getting a 960. it's a mediocre card at best. my 660 ti I went from actually was better in a few aspects, the 960 beats it in many others, but it's not a big enough improvement. and modern xbone/ps4 to pc ports will run on low to a medium high mix at best (excluding mgsV, a really great port) if you want to keep 1080 res and 60 frames. hell, even a few later previous gen games will struggle if maxed out.
Team green FTW
After running the steam VR benchmark, im definitely looking for some GTX 980Ti
980Ti all the way. Great performance and ready for anyone wanting to do VR. Plus the EVGA with the reference card look to it is a big plus in my opinion.