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I need gaming headphones with a mic for under 100$ or cheaper, after the "drop" in price. Preferably form the hyper x. steel series. senheiser, or astro, though other suggestions are perfectly fine, a bendy mic with sound foam and a self fitting headband are a bonus, thick head and ear padding would be great, if you have a suggestion with senheiser or bose headphones that I could stick a mod mic onto that would be great too. also maybe a link to a good mod mic because there are lots of fake sketcy ones and I can never tell which ones are good(already made 2 bad purchases lol) Any links to good used headphones would be nice if all else fails. Thank you for reading this and I also thank you in advance for helping me find the right headphones.(If any headphones are unlikely to be dropped within the year please send me a link t good ones on amazon or other sites)
Is there an eta of when this drop will happen. I'm looking to get some A40 tr and would like to know if I should wait or just bite the bullet.
hey guys check out my thing
I like the Steel Series Siberia best.
I have the A50s and the battery life on those really don't last and need to be plugged in to recharge. So I spend wireless function money only to have my headphones be wired half the time I use them. I went and bought the Steelseries Siberia 800. They sound the same, fully retractable mic, mix amp features, and comes with 2 inter changeable batteries (never go wired again). Use your headset while the other battery is charging in the wireless hub.
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I was talking about the Siberia 800.

sounds as good as my $8 Zalman ZM-Mic1
Oh, haha. I had the Astros in my head for some reason. But would probably do the same for the Siberias. Would just use my Yeti. I'll give that mod mic a look though!
Are the A50's for the PC/Xbox 1?
Guys, gaming headsets are just normal headphones with a microphone + a huge mark up. If you relaly have to get one though just get a used HyperX Cloud. $60.26
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I FOUND YOU YET AGAIN! WOOH! Yeah, seriously. People don't ever do research before making a purchase, they just blindly purchase something for the name. You have two ears, you comprehend positional audio through delay between sound in one ear to the other, difference in volume and distortion. Cover your left ear by pressing in that flap of cartilage in front of your ear lobe, into your ear canal, now snap around your head. If you have sealed your ear properly you will notice that no matter what you ear out of your right ear.... You don't need five drivers nor do you need the likely to be crappy amp/dac that is put into USB headphones and if they are auxiliary and marketed for gaming, they're likely to have no soundstage, a lack of imaging and lack clarity. This is the case with Razers headphones.
Further degrades audio quality.
The A50 has a problem with the microphone boom, there is a problem where after about 3 months of use the boom can't retain enough tension to stay at any position other than the lowest position (about chin-level), or the locked mute position (vertical)
I disagree. I've had my A50s for two years now and the only issue I have is that they broke after I threw them against a wall. I'm literally wearing them right now and wear them every day for multiple hours. I've literally never had any issues with their boom mic in quality or tension.