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I can recommend the HP Omen 17. Great gaming power for the price.
I can highly recommend the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6". Very nice laptop for the price and with an easy ~$30 ram upgrade to 16gb this beauty is really the best laptop anywhere near this amount of cash.
Have you heard about the dell 7368 even that one is quite nice but not a gaming laptop tho... has greater build a touch display along with a kabylake processor
Depends what you're looking for but definitely not something I would recommend for a gaming laptop. Has integrated graphics (lol) and a 2 core i5, so not really geared towards gaming.
I can't recommend the Acer aspire V15. I own the VN7-591G (similar to this model, i7-4710HQ, 8GB-1600, nvidia GT860m 4GB vram, 1920x1080 screen, 128GB m.2 SSD, 1TB HDD) In my experience:
* The touchpad is god-awful.Easily the worst I've used. It's inaccurate, jumpy, fails to register movement/gestures regularly and interprets right clicks (even in the bottom right-hand corner(!)) as left clicks.
*sound quality is decent during audio playback, but when you're not playing music the speakers hiss like a mildly aroused rattlesnake and the speakers seem to be affected by cpu activity - for instance, scrolling a webpage causes the slightest squeak to come from the speakers. Extremely annoying in a quiet room.
*the wifi reception is absolute arse. In fact, it had so many connection drops that I shelled out a few quid for a different wifi module, hoping that it would solve the issue, after trying every software fix I could find over the course of a month. It didn't. (I think I had the Atheros chip, and I replaced it with an intel 7260ac). Speculation on the web says the bad reception is because of the antenna location (in the silver hinge section at the rear of the laptop).
*battery life struggles to last through a double lecture (using onenote for notes and wifi for looking up diagrams/browsing reddit/massdrop)
Otherwise, sure, it does the job. Gaming on it is OK, heat management is good. Not entirely happy with the screen, it feels like it has very weak contrast compared to my previous laptop (Acer Aspire 4830tg) and looks washed out even in brighter rooms. Keyboard is mushy, but that's to be expected from a laptop imo.
Paid €1100 ($1200) for it. Should've spent it on something less annoying. verdict 4/10, would not buy again. But also too lazy to jump through the hoops of returning it.
I'm new at this so can someone tell me what happens when I vote like what do I get to do when I vote do I get a chance to when something.
When you vote you increase the chance of the item you voted for to be selected for a mass drop. A mass drop allows you to get the selected item at a cheaper price. and the more people that buy it, the cheaper it gets!