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Aug 5, 2015
Forgot to add... PLEASE create options with flicker-free panels or don't use PWM dimming.
The AUO panel isn't getting a lot of attention from Monoprice. The old IPS Zero-G is review by TFT Central to be quite mediocre. The new AHVA panel looks promising and I'm also directing some questions to Monoprice and waiting on their response; the most important is regarding PWM-dimming / flicker-free.
This is the lukewarm review on the OLD Monoprice 1440p:
The Dell, on the other hand, seems to be well liked in terms of clarity and color vibrancy by all accounts. This is basically my number two choice. Below are some reasons why it beats out all the other trashy matte screens that absolutely demolish any semblance of vivid colors (I trust Sir NCX as he's a prominent member on quite a few hardware forums):
Aug 5, 2015
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